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Are you going to cum?" she could scarcely say between sharp breaths. 

I gestured, and despite the fact that she wasn't gazing toward my face she could perceive I was close.

Oh god..." She shut her eyes and scowled, as her own climax detonated. "Shoot everything over me!" 

Her hand turned into a haze as she brought herself off, scouring her clit angrily and gasping in unadulterated rapture. I could at this point don't keep down and started to stroke quicker and harder as I felt my balls fix. I snorted intensely and my feet started to shiver as I came. She was shouting out in her own pleasure when I began to discharge, yet when the primary heap of sperm burst out and arrived on her hand, she worried much more and almost fell over from the unexpected power of her climax. Her body jerked and squirmed underneath me as I remained over her and shot one more impact of cum onto her stomach. She was past seeing everything except her peak now, not breathing from what I could tell in my exceptional state. Her neck flushed red, and I saw only a tad of clear squeeze discharge out of her pussy. That made the last leftovers of my own climax proceed with recharged power, and I erupted considerably higher onto her bosoms, at last following off a couple of more fragile sprays onto her thigh underneath me. 

I almost imploded onto her yet prepared myself on the sink. I was in a real sense slouched over her. My head fell on her shoulder. Her peak had endured through mine and she was quite recently descending from it, breathing vigorously and perspiring a piece from the effort. My cum was spread all around her tits and stomach. It was a sublime sight. 

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